Increase Customer Acquisition at Targeted Locations
How It Works
We help brands increase customer enrollment while reducing acquisition costs. Our platform uses interactive charging stations to filter potential customers and deliver a targeted direct response offer.
Improve Data Collection:Collect real time insight from captive audienceBoost Measurability:Use campaign metrics to determine true ROIInitiate direct response:Deliver immediate targeted offersAcquire customers:Filter, Segment and Enroll clients in under 90 seconds.

LEO™ - Live Engagement Opportunity
LEO™ is an interactive platform that brings digital advertising tools to location based marketing. Advertiser can now can measure, test, and track offline customer acquisition campaigns to get a true ROI. LEO™ provides real-time analytics, data collection, content management and direct response in one dashboard.
Interactive charging kiosks are the perfect delivery vehicle for a location based acquisition campaign. Using the touchscreen survey campaigns brands can engage potential prospects in exchange for the free charging service.Segment, filter and target a captive audience in real-time using our platform.Customized exteriorVideo ads displayBranded UISponsored surveysOpt-in data collectionLocation based targeting